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Lindsey Pascoe

Lindsey Pascoe

Classical Homeopath, Holistic Nutrition Consultant

I love seeing the depth of the natural healing process!

I love seeing the depth of the natural healing process! My professional career began as an Occupational Therapist, and then completed training as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant.   My passion for helping people access  a deeper level of health and healing continues now with homeopathy.

I started learning about homeopathy through my midwives pre/post birth and while nursing.  I loved the independence that I could have by using these homeopathic remedies in my home to get quick, effective results.

One winter when my son had a chronic cough that lasted months, I went to Homeopath and Teacher, Donna Powers in Calgary to have my first homeopathy consult.  I was annoyed at how many questions she asked us! Things I had never thought about for my son.  His cough went away in 3 days and in the process, I became more aware and started thinking of health differently.

As my learning continued, I always felt empowered when I was able to select the right remedy for my family members, growing as a parent and as a future homeopath.  I could do something effective for them and it wasn’t something that suppressed their immunity but actually boosted it!

Now 15 years later I’ve graduated from the 4-year program at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, received my CCH certification as a classical homeopath and opened Intune Homeopathy in Red Deer.  I look forward to the life long learning that being a homeopath offers with a special interest in emotional and women’s health.

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