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Homeopathy Consultations

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Homeopathy Learning

Gain insight on how homeopathy enables your body to heal itself from the inside out with1:1 introductory acute and first aid homeopathy courses.  Learn how to use your homeopathic remedy kit in addition to the other natural modalities you have in your toolkit.   

Homeopathic remedy kits and a homeopathy reference book  will be available for purchase that you may likely want to have on hand to go along with your new learning.

This is a great way to get started using homeopathy on your own along with  continuing guidance through acute care consultations to support your learning along the way as you need it.  

Acute Care Consultations

Help optimize how your body responds to an acute condition or injury, such as a cold, flu, ear infection or ankle sprain.

Individual Service Features and Prices


Intune Family Plan

Meetings in person or online

Are you interested in using homeopathy at home for acute health problems, but don’t know where to start? The Intune Family Plan provides you with the tools and knowledge to boost your family’s wellness.

The package includes your:

  • Homeopathy learning session on how to use homeopathy
  • Customized kit with 12 homeopathic remedies for your home
  • Excellent reference book and great reference materials
  • Acute care support along the way to help you learn how to select remedies for yourself and your family

A la Carté Services

Free Meet & Greet


Meetings in person, by phone or online 

A free consultation is a great start to learn about the process and get your questions answered. Book a free 15-minute consultation and you will:

  • Learn more about homeopathy
  • Find out costs and commitment
  • Define goals and expectations
  • Receive booking, intake and consent forms

*Please note treatment will not be provided at this session

Initial Consultation


Meetings in person or online

Your first consultation will be up to a two-hour assessment in which the whole person is considered with their totality of health concerns to select a custom homeopathic remedy and treatment plan.

Follow-up Consultations


Meetings in person or online

After your initial consultation, a follow-up appointment is recommended to support your body in each step of the healing process. The appointment is typically 45-60 minutes long, often beginning 4-6 weeks after your initial consultation. Depending on your needs and treatment program, consecutive follow-up visits may be scheduled.

Acute Care Consultations


Meetings in person or online

Homeopathy helps encourage our bodies to have the most efficient response when dealing with acute illnesses and injuries such as a cold, flu, ear infection or sprains/strains. Connect with us for a 30-minute acute care consultation whenever the need arises

Homeopathic Remedies
$10 +GST 

Flower Essence Custom Blends
$15 +GST

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